Product Design
5 weeks

About T2T Themes

T2themes is a theme and template shop that specializes in creating website built on the Ghost CMS blogging platform.

Project Details

To create a light-weight, feature-focused documentation site that runs on the Ghost Theme platform.


User and market research
Ghost integrations
UI Mockups
Final theme and marketing site

Discovery Phase

We had discovered that there were not many low touch offerings for documentation sites that did not require a large amount of time to setup and create. We wanted to piggy-back off of Ghost because of it's agility and free open-source setup. So we setup to define the skeleton of a good, simple documentation knowledgebase site.
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Problems and Goals:

Key Metrics:

Documentation sites take too long to setup.
What is the time investment?
Simple doc sites cost too much
How can we reduce the cost?
We want to steer clear of the bloated CMS (ie WordPress, Squarespace)
How to reach niche market not using those CMSs?



Need to leverage a popular, yet underutitlized platform
Market to Ghost community
Working within limited design options
How to reach them

UX Research Phase

We did some exploration on existing templates and best selling themes and alternative solutions.
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Quantitative research findings
Qualitative survey and interview findings
Results and Insights: We found that there is very little in the way of one-click setup that has ONLY what's needed for documentation and nothing else

Inspiration and Mood Board

Blue tones and imagery that represent business, connection, point of sale and digital customer experience

UI Design

Using a classic, left sidebar navigation layout, we designed a compact, minimal site that allows you to load the theme into Ghost and immediately start populating it with your documentation and knowledge based content.
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Light Design, topic cards

I noticed that most people were scrolling down and then scrolling back up within finding what they were looking for. I turn each post into a contained card and the data showed a 25% increase in clicks and more time spent engaging with articles.
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Dark design, Contact form

There was a large number of requests for a dark design mostly from programers and by adding this option we increased downloads by 45%

Live Prototype

I created an interactive prototype for each iteration, which we testing with our participants and customers to gain feedback and insight

Testing and Feedback

Testing was conducted during the discovery phase to identify the biggest pain points in the current version. During the redesign: Testing was done at every milestone of the project. Invision prototypes were shared with stakeholders to get early feedback. After numerous surveys and user pilots, we launched the platform in June 2017 for our partner clients.


The redesign resulted in improved visual heirarchy and a refactoring of CSS increase google page ranking by 100%. Signup page conversion increase and a fully redesigned onboarding process and better UX to alow the user to connect and input complex 3rd party integrations with ease.


in Ghost theme sales!


Month over month growth!


Happy installs!